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Lad Made Diamonds

Why Lab Made Diamonds?

The Many Advantages of Lab-Created Diamonds

If it looks like a diamond, and acts like a diamond, it may be a lab-created diamond.

Throughout history, diamonds have held extremely high symbolic significance in our culture. Their durability and beauty are used to symbolize everlasting love and connection. However, this symbol becomes tarnished when you factor in the environmental impact of excavation, the foreign civil wars fueled by diamond sales, and the astronomical price tag attached to natural diamonds.

Lab-created diamonds provide the solution necessary to have all of the beauty and benefits of a diamond, without all of the guilt and burden. There are many great reasons to choose lab-created over natural diamonds:


Lab-created diamonds are grown by highly skilled scientists by generating the conditions necessary to artificially produce a gem with physical and chemical diamond properties. The origins of lab diamonds do not have the murky possibility that they may have caused ecological damage or enabled human rights violations.


Even an extremely expensive natural diamond can have plenty clarity and color problems. Lab-created diamonds can meet even the highest diamond evaluations in terms of the four C’s: Cut, Carat, Clarity, and Color. Lab-created diamonds are not to be confused with simulants, such as cubic zirconia.

Cubic zirconia may look slightly like a diamond, but unlike lab-created diamonds, does not have the physical properties of a diamond. Lab diamonds have the hardness, durability, and reflective properties of real diamonds.


Thanks to lab-created diamonds, you have the opportunity to purchase a diamond that is visually indistinguishable from a naturally mined diamond, at a very small fraction of the cost.