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Lad Made Diamonds

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  1. Half Round Wedding Bands

    Half Round Wedding Bands

    Flat surface against the finger, domed surface away from the finger Learn More
  2. Peyton Mens Ring

    Peyton Mens Ring

    Regular Price: $1,520.00

    Special Price: $1,340.00

    Dare to be distinctive with a hard-to-miss men's accessory that's beyond anything ever seen. At its heart, the Peyton ring highlights a one carat round-cut lab made diamond embedded within a solid gold bezel in your choice of 18K or 14K, rose, white or yellow gold. In addition to the shimmering focal, the metalworking along the band is mesmerizing. Smooth, rounded barrels cascade down either side of the shank in resemblance of the sleek wristband of a fine men's watch. When it comes to choosing jewelry for a man, some things speak for themselves. Learn More
  3. Byron Mens Ring

    Byron Mens Ring


    Define your look with a unique, masculine ring that is anything but boring. Known as the Byron men's ring, a twinkling row of round-cut lab made diamonds sparkle within a bright, channel setting of solid 14K or 18K gold. Created in your choice of white, rose or yellow gold, the silky smooth metal forms a gleaming stage for the flawless stones that meld halfway along the band and the rich, metalworking that contours around the glittering LMD stones. Who said over the top was a bad thing? Learn More
  4. Morgan Mens Ring

    Morgan Mens Ring


    Classic meets contemporary with this eye-stopping ring we call the Morgan men's ring. Designed in a sharp, angular form, the geometrically styled solid gold band is available in your individual preference: white, yellow or rose gold in either 14K or 18K. It's an intriguing and provocative backdrop for the focal point of the masculine ring: glimmering, round-cut lab made diamonds that are embedded within a gleaming channel setting. Getting noticed never got this easy. Learn More
  5. Bryant Mens Ring

    Bryant Mens Ring


    Decadent, dashing and different, the Bryant men's ring compliments your own-of-a-kind style. A free-form wave-like row of glistening, round-cut lab made diamonds are placed halfway around the thick band within a shining channel setting of solid gold. Designed in your choice of white, yellow or rose gold - in 18K or 14K gold - the band ring gives an aura of extravagance and luxury. Being a little flashy never felt this good. Learn More
  6. Lowell Mens Ring

    Lowell Mens Ring


    Bring out your individual style sense with the Lowell Men's Ring. Beyond the basics of most masculine fashion, the front face of this gleaming band revolve around two brilliant, round-cut lab made diamonds that dominate the ring's appearance. Suspended with a tension-like setting between a double row of metal, the created stones command attention. And the band itself, with its squared shank gives a unique feel that melds perfectly with your choice of white, yellow or rose gold in 18K or 14K solid gold. Designed with a unique look, this band ring was practically hand-picked for a man who wants to stand apart from the fashion crowd. Learn More
  7. Archer Mens Ring

    Archer Mens Ring


    Bold fashion statements - like the Archer men's ring - are for the man who appreciates small details. Created in your choice of 18K or 14K yellow, white, or rose gold, a sleek metal band slides coolly along your finger. At its focal point, five square-cut lab made diamonds are swathed into a clean, channel setting. Sometimes the right men's jewelry and accessories say it all. Learn More
  8. Anthony Mens Ring

    Anthony Mens Ring

    Regular Price: $1,244.00

    Special Price: $1,025.00

    Defy traditional style conventions with this striking Anthony men's ring. Featuring a suave, contemporary design, the bold, flat surface of this ring's face is highlighted with more than a dozen brilliant-round-cut lab made diamonds. Shining along two channels, the ring features the right mix of clean lines and no-fuss fashion. Available in your choice of white, yellow or rose gold in solid 14K or 18K, this ring is sure to please. Learn More
  9. Thomas Mens Ring

    Thomas Mens Ring

    Debonair style with strong, sharp edges makes this Thomas men's ring a dashing choice for the man of your life. Simple and understated, this bold double band ring set is accentuated an angled style and allows its flat face surface to hold a single, lab made diamond solitaire in a distinctive round cut that contrasts effortlessly against the rectangular surface. Customize the ring to fit your style by choosing between carat sizes and metal types: 14K or 18K in yellow, white or rose gold. Whatever you choose, he is sure to command attention with this ring. Learn More
  10. James Mens Ring

    James Mens Ring

    Regular Price: $1,274.00

    Special Price: $1,025.00

    Treat a special man to a ring fit for a king: the James men's ring shows off 20 lab made diamond baguettes set within two shining rows. Totaling 1.5 CTW channel set into a solid gold band setting (choose from 18K or 14K gold in yellow, white or rose), the tiny rectangular created stones will gleam boldly along his finger. For the man who likes to make a statement and be noticed without saying a word, this ring is the only choice. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 16 total

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